Fall 2013 Preview

 As the Fall 2013 Semester approaches, faculty members at four law schools prepare to teach A2J Clinics.

Ron Staudt’s Justice & Technology Practicum course at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law will begin its fourth year during the final week of August. Students in the Justice & Technology Practicum will be able to chose from A2J Guided Interview projects requested by Illinois Legal Aid Online, the Northwest Justice Project, and the Judicial Council of California. 

Conrad Johnson, Mary Zulack, and Brian Donnelley will continue teaching the Lawyering in the Digital Age clinic at Columbia Law School as they have since 2001. This fall, A2J Author will be among the software packages at students’ disposal when customizing technology tools to address their client organization’s legal needs.

The Elder Law Clinic at CUNY School of Law already offers a .pdf packet explaining the New York City guardianship process to self-represented litigants. This fall, Joe Rosenberg will lead a group of students in developing an A2J Guided Interview that will also help prospective guardians complete the necessary paperwork for an Article 81 Guardianship proceeding.

Judith Wegner will incorporate A2J Author into her Becoming a Professional course at UNC School of Law for the first time this fall. After having one student build an A2J Guided Interview during an independent study last spring, Wegner will incorporate A2J Author into the course itself, encouraging students to coordinate with Legal Aid of North Carolina to develop an A2J Guided Interview that both interests them and will be helpful for the organization.

Next spring, faculty members from Concordia University School of Law, Georgetown University Law Center, and the University of Miami School of Law will also incorporate A2J Author into their clinical course models.

Faculty teaching courses this semester will have access to the A2J Clinic eBook and the following training resources that are still in development:

Download (DOCX, Unknown)

Contact Andrew Medeiros, A2J Fellow, at amedeiro@kentlaw.iit.edu with any questions.


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